Infinite loops

I am trying to create an infinite loop - I have a list of audio file links that I want to play on a loop when I tap the play button. Any way to create this?

Seems like this is possible, but you will need to create a template column that builds the audio html tag, with the file name from the row, and then insert it through a rich text component instead of an audio component. The trick is to add the ‘loop’ attribute. I played with it a little bit but the width of the audio player was shorter than normal and left aligned. You could wrap it with ‘center’ tags so it looks a little better.

<audio controls src="file.mp3" loop></audio>

For everybody else, I did find out that there are also options for autoplay with an ‘autoplay’ attribute and for hiding the download menu option with a ‘controlslist=“nodownload”’, but I couldn’t find a way to get those attributes to work within an app. Only the loop attribute seemed to work.


Ah thanks a lot. I will try this out today!

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