Audio Book library

I am trying to build a audio book library app free for everyone. So how do I attach the audio files to the google sheet?
I also want to allow the users to download it for offline use

I’d recommend using Glide storage for your audio files. They can be uploaded using the File Picker component.

To allow users to download files, you can use an Open Link action, or simply include the link in a Rich Text component.

Hey murphy, youve been answering to my questions since yesterday… thank you very much for that
but would you mind to please upload the screenshot of the steps as I cant get you actually

Follow the links that I gave you. That’s the official Glide Documentation on those features. If you still have questions after reading the documentation, then feel free to ask.

OOh sure
Im getting back to you in some time

No actually… this is not what I am speaking about… I am actually talking about something like Spotify… where the audio will be available within the app but the link you gave shows that the link would take to an external browser or tab

Have you tried it?

No I havent yet