Continuous music / musak.... with webview?

Here is the challenge:

  • it would be great to play some music while waiting for something to happen

OK, that is the starting point. Let’s say:

  • webview component - that would be opening something that is playing music constantly on a loop
  • it is allowed to be embedded too

And then. the visibility condition might be if-toggle is not TRUE then show the webview, otherwise hide.

I found a nice site that has music on loops, but I do not know how to get these things embedded in a webview.

As it would be nice fro Glide to talk to you :slight_smile:
Any ideas? Thanks!

I have a call waiting gif… music would be a nice addition :slight_smile:

I was about to suggest Radio Garden, but it doesn’t allow itself to be embedded :sob:


This probably isn’t the easiest way but since you’re based in Berlin, might as well keep with the theme. Soundcloud does allow embeds and you could upload your own playlist of whatever sounds/songs you want: SoundCloud - Listen to music

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after there are other themes

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I’ll need the music to auto play, rather than be triggered with an audio controller. Muzak or wait-music really is the use case :slight_smile:
With glide I get a ping… when the user clicks a button …. Maybe I could turn the app into a farming app :wink:

If you add the audio component through rich text with the autoplay flag, I think it should autoplay. I remember playing with that awhile back. Not sure how well it works with IOS.

I would think a webview would work too.


I have not yet managed to use the autoplay. I think glide automatically removes the “Autoplay” option from the richtext.

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ah no sorry it works with webview finally when webview works autoplay works.

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EDIT ::: Version 2

Well I have not tested it in publication!


That second one is looking / hearing good!

I can’t handle the volume.
I don’t really like elevator music anyway and loudly on top of that

I dry on volume.
maybe Sir Master @Jeff_Hager or someone else has a solution.
Obviously we need a script and as I think that in all logic Glide blocks the scripts it is difficult.

Webview in the expand view

<iframe src="" type="audio/mp3" allow="autoplay" id="audio" style="display:none">
<audio autoplay>
    <source src="" type="audio/mp3">

Hi @PabloMFalero
Thank you for the info.

I did a quick test, but the autoplay does not work on chrome / windows!

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It works on mine, also have chrome and windows, let me test on my phone and I’ll get back

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EDIt :: The main problem with my css is that the autoplay does not start all the time

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Correct, my is the same. If I’m within the app it works fine, however if I exit it doesnt autoplay, plus webview doesnt display on the phone, only on the editor…:frowning:

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yes for the Webview you need a pro version :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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