Radio Streaming

How do I keep my radio stream from turning off when I switch screens or when the phone is in sleep mode ? or I create a website page with an audio streaming button and I use the embedded view component , will it run successfully when in sleep mode or switch menus


I think it is a problem associated to how OS handles PWA APPs but @SantiagoPerez has better experience in these cases and has suffered by this before :rofl:

you need to @SantiagoPerez

In Pages, the audio component does work in sleep mode or going to another app. That’s the best thing for audio I have noticed with Glide. I haven’t checked with Apps.

is there any other way to do that ?

i just need that feature

I assume you’re using a webview component to embed your radio?


any recomendation software no code ? like flutter flow or teta ?

You may need to use the code column to create the player. Caveat, it will go to sleep if you install the app.

has anyone ever worked this way? what language should i use is it javascript ?

The “player” Santiago mentioned is likely a combination of JS, HTML and CSS. You can find many examples on CodePen but you have to deploy it to a Github repo to be able to use it in Glide (through the experimental code column).

Regardless, it would still might go to sleep, per Santiago’s comment.

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how can i get this to happen , i am new to this , can i get step by step for this ?

Here’s one that you need to deploy on Github or Replit as @ThinhDinh mentioned.

This is another one:

Maybe @ThinhDinh could help you with the deployment??? (if you can)

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