Live Radio App

Here comes another app from me,
With a collection over 100 radio stations in Malaysia. Not all audio link is working though.


Didn’t know you can use live streams in the audio component. Nice work!


@muazz1m That is interesting. I’ve seen the RSS feed stuff, but that is just pointing to a .mp4 file. What does the link look like for the live feed?

Where you get the live streams from? Great work

There’s a different type of live stream link and I think it’s depend on how and where they host the live stream.
Here is some examples of the links

If the link is not playable in the Glide builder, it might just work when you test it on your mobile device.

some of it I get it from
and here is how i get the list for malaysian radio

and for the rest of it i get it from by scraping to get the links


that’s pretty amazing… thanks for sharing!

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Nice work! Very cool :sunglasses:

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I guess you are assuming because those radio stations are on the air and do have commercials that they are freely re-distributable in the way you are doing it? Have you checked? If not I would check just to be sure.

Hey does the audio stream keep playing on a iphone when its added to homescreen and screen is turned off?

I assume you mean goes to sleep and it does stop playing. Sometimes it picks up right off where you left it but sometimes not. You also can’t switch to another app, you have to have the Glide app in focus for it to continue playing.

Is that a limitation of PWAs?

It seems that way. Native apps have direct access to the iOS than a PWA’s. PWA run in the Safari browser which does not support some of those lower level types of control.

Nice app. And great job.
How did you scrape the links? Does this need coding knowledge?

Thank you,

How do you scrape the links???

I’m using to scrape the links.

How do I keep my radio stream from turning off when I switch screens or when the phone is in sleep mode ?

There is no way to prevent that. The audio component is a standard html audio player. When it’s not visible on the screen, then the audio stops playing. It’s not able to play in the background. I do believe that Android can play audio with the screen off, but I seem to recall that iOS cannot. I believe this is the nature of PWA apps, the browser that the app runs on top of, and the OS of the device.

It can. But of course that makes no difference in this case.


I need to make an application for one radio station. how did you make the player? I try and I can’t. my player can’t play internet radio link.