Audio Component on iOS keeps playing even during locked screen!

I might be arriving late to the party on this one, but users of my app just sent me some screen recordings showing that my music app will still play songs even if you exit the window or lock the screen as long as you launch the app in a mobile browser (e.g. Safari, Chrome, Mozilla). If they try to use the app as saved to their Home Screen, they all run into the audio component issues we’re all aware of. The app must be in a web browser tab for this iOS workaround to work properly.

It’s more friction than I would like, but people want continuous playback so badly that they’re willing to try whatever workaround to get that to happen. So just thinking, since our apps are browser-based, why does the audio component have different characteristics once saved to the home screen?

Anyways, this is a win in my book! Figured I should share my discovery.

I want this too

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Same here

But I think it’s an Apple problem. They don’t like too much PWA app :unamused:

Yeah an enhanced audio component is really the only thing I’d change with Glide. I’d pay to have a new component built to handle the audio requirements we’re all looking for.