I really miss the option to autoplay video in the media component

I’m struggling with videos for a new app (finally me too :crazy_face:) and I’ve a question: why the video component do not allow autoplay? Do I have to make a beastly effort to implement a webview (and other boring things) just to obtain the autoplay? :thinking:

Can any of you guys, who have run into this problem before, suggest me another way to go on?
I need in the detail screen:

  • autoplay video
  • use a video player that does not take out of the APP

Many thanks to those who want to help me.

Did we ever have an autoplay option? I assume it was early days of Glide when we can still autoplay YouTube videos.

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I wasn’t there yet and I can only assume it never was.
The fact is that I really feel the need to have it …

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Browsers basically all prevent videos from autoplaying these days, especially with sound on.


I agree. However, there may be some special cases, like mine, in which the application is intended to be used in interactive kiosks (many) where the execution environment is preset; here it is easier to set up the chrome environment in the most suitable way and probably some current or future limitations could be overcome.
But apart from that, in my case the fact of automatically starting the video in silent mode would even be an advantage, and this can be done in chrome right now.

Thanks for the reply @david , even if you can’t please me I will understand.

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How, tell me!?

I have never been able to do that but in the past there seemed to be a parameter in the YouTube URL that can trigger it to autoplay. It’s no longer the case.

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