App initiated function

Hello Glide experts,

I am beginner in Glide and building an app. One need for this app is that user can configure YouTube link or any other video link to play automatically at given time of day. Once this is done by user, the app will automatically initiate that every day on the phone. Kind of self initiated function. Is this possible?

Appreciate your insights.

Thank you,

I don’t think it is… Autoplay isnt supported, much less when the app isn’t running…

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Thanks for the feedback. If app is running how close this is possible without user initiating it? I mean is there any programmability available once user open the app?


Possibly with rich text?? And you’d probably have to have the snippet code… Which means the video would have to be yours. Idk a lot about rich text except for basic markdown… @Lucas_Pires is there any way to have autoplay enabled in a rich text component for a youtube video?