Help needed! Adding gifs or any motion inside app

Hello Gliders,

How can I add a giff in my app?

and, how to add video which will work automatically?


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Just upload a gif like how you add an image in an image picker, it will work normally in an image component.

Video can either be entered as a link or via file picker. What do you mean when you say “work automatically”?


“a video which will work automatically”

Possibly Gideon means that the video launches automatically as the screen impression happens, without having to tap “play”.


I have always wanted something like that, or a GIF that serves as a video preview that would be played automatically.


On mobile the videos were auto playing until last week. It is my understanding from glide support that this is a change pushed by Apple. Very disappointing. I have asked glide support to see if they can have a way to override and make the videos auto play anyway.

The GIF in my app plays automatically on Android (haven’t tried iOS).

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Hi there! Yes gifs always “play”. They’re an animation on loop. You can’t turn them on and off. I was referring to the videos.

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Ah okay. If they don’t auto-play (and it’s an iOS issue, not Glide), then it might make sense to use a GIF as a preview for the video, then click the gif to open the video itself. Not as good as a video that plays automatically, but if it’s Apple saying it can’t be done on their devices, waiting for that to change may take a while.

Like if I enter a new screan, and thier is a video / aoudio , I want it to play automatically without me needing to press the play button

Yes!!! Can it be done?

Thank yo so much!!

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You have to use a gif, as Kyle said.