Eye Spy new OpenAI actions

Looks like my weekend is sorted then.


Has send a message without history been removed?

Oh, now we need play file.mp3 action

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we could use the audio component maybe?

But there no auto play options

Most browsers do not allow for auto play without some kind of user interaction first. That’s why all websites require you to click or interact with a page before audio can be played. No way around that.

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But user already have initiated action Recording audio, then on submit AI has converted Speech to text and then text to answer and then answer text to Speech and for now i need to force play the answer speech mp3(like play sound is working). I think user already trigged custom action as well.
Why we can play sound in custom action and can’t play mp3 in same action?

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That’s a good point.

You could try a rich text component with an html audio player that has the auto play tag inside the HTML. I’m not sure if it would begin to auto play when the rich text updates with the updated url, but I would be curious to know if it works.

(I think you can remove the loop option)

Renamed to “Complete chat”*


Im guessing some comms will go out soon about the changes but would help if we could get a message here in the forums as well beforehand.

Some of the changes im sure have caught people off guard.

I hear you re: tighter window on comms. We’re working on it. :+1:

For now: Experts get a recap of changes at the end of the week, then we include those changes in our community update the following Monday.


Just looking forward to testing them out now! Cheers Andy

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