Hi, guys

I use the increment on this button bar, with the left side to increment +1 and the left side to decrement -1. These values will be stored in the variable “ORGANIZATION”.


However, I would also like to simultaneously display the value of this variable that is currently in effect, like the image below in the Glide documentation (Increment value - Glide Library). But I can only demand the first value of the “ORGANIZATION” variable in the database (eg 5) in an “Action Text”. I cannot display the current value that is being incremented from decremented at the moment. I need the user to directly view the current value that is increasing or decreasing.
Does anyone know how I can run this mechanism? Big hug!

Basically … What you want to do is that every time the user makes a +1 or -1 it appears on the screen?

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That’is right!!

the increment value is in regular column or user specific?

You can just point a text component to that value and display it. The button bar can go under it. Does it work?

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