How let the user specify how much to increase/decrease a cell's numerical value?

Good day, Glide Community,
I am creating an application for my employees to keep track of how much inventory they have left, however would like to add in a feature.
Is there a way to create a button (e.g. decrease inventory), that asks you for a number and subtracts that number from a specified column?
I know Glide has an Increment action, but that seems to work on a fixed value set beforehand, and an edit sheet, but with that you have to state the new value instead of subtracting or adding a number to the previous value.
Can someone shed some light on how I would go about implementing this?

Create a user specific numeric column. Then create a Number entry component. Then under the feature settings of the increment action, set the ‘increment by’ value to the user specific column you created.


Thank you!
This works!

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