Increment Numbers - Limit access

Fellow Gliders,

I am facing a little problem while making my app. I would like to use the ‘Increment number’ feature to count how much a person was involved in class. Basically tracking participation.

The problem is that anyone with an access to the app could click, edit and therefore falsify the results.

I could obviously hide the category in itself but I’d like my students to be able to look it up whenever they feel like it.

How can I use the increment number feature but make sure that only I or a selected few could edit those numbers?

Thanks for your help,

So do you mean this number must be tracked for every student in the class? Does this mean how many times a button is clicked or something else?

I want to use that feature as a participation tracker.

Basically, every time a student speaks, he or she would get one point. I would then just click his/her name on the app.

The problem is that everybody can click and increase the value and that bothers me.

You can use visibility conditions hide or show components based on which user is signed in. If it’s a button to do the increment, only show the button when you are the one that’s signed in.

If it’s an action on an inline list, you can change your action to a custom action and add a condition to only increment if you are the signed in user.

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