Increment Action?!


Robert, I had some problems with that also…

Yesterday I doing some tests, and it worked

The problem still keeps there?

Yes…the problem still exists:

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This will be fixed later today. Thank you for reporting, and apologies!

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Thank you Mark!

It also appears that when force closing an app and relaunching, the value resets upon the next button push.

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Tried this morning (Europe time), It’s works well again! tks @Mark for the quick fix!
@Robert_Petitto same for you?

Yes! Thanks, @Mark!

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Hey @Robert_Petitto

Can this be done with one button for all of the selections?


? One button to clear all? I don’t think so. An increment only applies to one column…but maybe once “Triggered Actions” is a thing… :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I have a user specific column I was wondering if I could have a “reset button” for that column. Thing is the user specific column is being used by different products which the user might select. I tried you reset button functionality but isn’t working for me.

@Robert_Petitto and @Santiago_Perez1

I think an option like this would be enough to create a reset button able to work with any column:

We need to have a reset button or clear button to this kind of things, do it manually is quit difficult so far and no script can be used if these values come from user-specific columns.

@Mark, is there any chance or idea to carry out this improvement within the Increment Action?

Gracias y saludos a todos!.


I like that idea. The app I’m working on would do wonders with that option.

Thanks @gvalero for thinking about it.

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Hey @Mariano_Betta,

I already use the reset button and the increment in my app.

We’re looking for a button that actually resets all the column, specially when you have selected several products. The reset and increment action work on a specific cell of the column.

The bottom we’re trying to find is one that resets all the cells in the column at the same time. Also, that can be placed at the bottom of the cart like in the picture.

Besides, the script would not work for my app because the column where the selection is being recorded is User Specific and it does not get passed to the google sheets.

I hope that makes sense.