Increment Action?!

@Mark. Another weird increment bug. It looks like the column value is being cached incorrectly. When I attempt to +1 or -1 it doesn’t increment from the column value. Hard to explain…you have to see it for yourself:


I have exactly the same issue with -1 and +1action. I set up my buttons a few days ago and it worked like a charm. But when I tried again yesterday I had exactly the same issue as @Robert_Petitto mentionned . It seems like a sort of cache is causing the trouble. Tks

Thanks for confirming. Yes, it was working beautifully until a couple days ago.

I am trying to figure out how you were able to navigate screens using the increment action, and I just can’t seem to do it. I watched a couple other tutorials as well, and they are not making sense. Can you point me to a “Navigation for Dummies” instruction on this if you know of one?

I’m not navigating screens, but I’m “navigating” between various elements of a particular sheet/screen. Increments increase/decrease a column value. If each of your rows has a value assigned (row number) then you can FILTER an inline list by the column that you’re incrementing. In my example above, I have a 5 columns of data. That data is assigned a number. I’m then controlling the VISIBILITY of that data using the increment feature (if Number = 1, show text 1…etc.)

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I have tried to explain it here! If you get stuck still, you can reach out and I will guide you!



Robert, I had some problems with that also…

Yesterday I doing some tests, and it worked

The problem still keeps there?

Yes…the problem still exists:

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This will be fixed later today. Thank you for reporting, and apologies!

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Thank you Mark!

It also appears that when force closing an app and relaunching, the value resets upon the next button push.

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Tried this morning (Europe time), It’s works well again! tks @Mark for the quick fix!
@Robert_Petitto same for you?

Yes! Thanks, @Mark!

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Hey @Robert_Petitto

Can this be done with one button for all of the selections?


? One button to clear all? I don’t think so. An increment only applies to one column…but maybe once “Triggered Actions” is a thing… :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I have a user specific column I was wondering if I could have a “reset button” for that column. Thing is the user specific column is being used by different products which the user might select. I tried you reset button functionality but isn’t working for me.

@Robert_Petitto and @Santiago_Perez1

I think an option like this would be enough to create a reset button able to work with any column:

We need to have a reset button or clear button to this kind of things, do it manually is quit difficult so far and no script can be used if these values come from user-specific columns.

@Mark, is there any chance or idea to carry out this improvement within the Increment Action?

Gracias y saludos a todos!.


I like that idea. The app I’m working on would do wonders with that option.

Thanks @gvalero for thinking about it.

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