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I have a basic column with numbers (with decimals, point separation) with no format or formulas.

I try the Chart component with a result of strange representation (as yo can see in the screen attached). Always i have data that i don´t know where come from with aleatory numbers as you can see in the second and third line.

I try, many times, to repeat that in different sheets and manual typing but the result is the same.

Any thoughts?

Thank you
Pantallazo gráfica glide

Can we see a screenshot of the settings for the chart? Thank you.


You’re pointing the label and quantity to the same column, it should be 2 different columns.

It looks like the 5.6 number occurred 3 times in your dataset, hence it has a value of 16.8. The graph automatically group the data by the label so it shows the value that way.

5.6 * 3 = 16.8

Same goes for 5.7.

5.7 * 3 = 17.1

You should point the label column to another column.

Wow thank you for your fast answer i appreciate that.

I try your solution but no news and now no graphic, even if i put quantity fields separately (screenshot)

But I don´t understand how it works my initial idea for 3 fields and not works for 2 (triples)

You should only have one quantity field for that. If I understand it right, you should structure it like this:

Manager Value
A 5.6
B 5.4
C 5.6

Now it works, so labels are key. Thank you very much @ThinhDinh

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Happy to see it worked! If you have any further questions feel free to post it in the forums :smile: