Inconsistent behavior of Lookup column?

Confused by this behavior and looking for ideas for troubleshooting!

I have three tables:

  • A: Glide table
  • B: Glide table
  • C: Artable + some glide columns

Table C is related to both A & B tables through a normal relation. I have a lookup column in Table C, which is currently looking at a user-specific Text column in Table A. I have the same user-specific Text column in Table B. I’m trying to switch lookup from Table A to Table B. However, a lookup from Table A returns just normal text, while a lookup from Table B returns a single-value array :thinking:

Why could this be happening? I can’t pinpoint any differences in those columns – both are set by a similar action, both are text, and both are user-specific. What could be going on?

Edit: this is a Classic App

Possibly your relation to table B is Multiple instead of single. I think that might cause it to return a single value array

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Nope, they are both one-to-one relations

Can you add some screenshots?

Must have been some sort of a glitch. Now it works as expected.

Sorry for the disturbance :sweat_smile:


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