Inaccurate map for locations

I’ve created a map and series of questions to track staff however the locations on the map are not accurate. In my last input, I added I was in London in the question of which city are you in but it has dropped the pin north of Leeds nowhere near London.

Is there a way to make this more accurate?

Thank you

“London” alone was probably not enough information for MapBox to display the correct address. If you are choosing the city from a list of pre-defined cities, I would suggest:

  • Adding a coordinates column next to the list of cities.
  • In the table where you write your inputs, add a relation column to relate the chosen city to the list of city choices.
  • Add a lookup column to bring back the coordinates.
  • Use the coordinates as the “Address” field in the map.

You have a much better chance of displaying the “correct” pin using coordinates, compared to addresses.

Exactly. I’ve been burned by this a few times. Even city,state doesn’t yield accurate results at times.


I confirm what @Robert_Petitto Robert already said: by entering the geographical coordinates, the real position is more accurate.