In your point of view, is my app useful?

Hi everyone,

I want to know if my app is useful in your point of view. The link of my app: Dyke

Do you think it’s a good app? Do you think I can monetize it?

Thank for your reply,


I just see an empty screen with a menu. None of the menus shows anything.


Thank you David hmm, just complete your profile and confirm the modifications. (I will improve this point).

I see things now. Funny that it put my pin in Oklahoma on the directory map when I very clearly am in Nacogdoches, Texas.

I improved some things, everyone should see something now. I want to explain more so I join some captures of what you can do:
With the company directory, you have access to all the company created on Dyke. If you click on each one you can watch info, go on their website or join the company.

With the Kanban you can organize your activities:

With progress you can send to a member of your contacts a row that he can fill to inform you of his progression on this activity (if it’s in progress, if he has difficults, if it’s finished, …). In “I complete” you see what you should fill, In “They send me” it is what your team should complete to inform you.

A Diary:

The shared spaces (it’s a sort of group conversations where the members can see and participate to the subject). Note that you should add only your contacts to the conversation. And also yourself when you create it (but I will improve this point).

My cloud where you can add and access to some files:

Reporting is the same work than “Progess” but you can send data (for example a performance or something else)

Quick links show you all the links shared by the members of your company. It could be for example productivity online tools. If you join Company A in the company Directory you will see this links:

And your personal notes:

Tell me what you think and report the bugs if you see them.

Looks great but I suggest you change the name—that is a homophobic slur in the US.

Oh! I didn’t know that! (I’m french) Sorry Sorry Sorry. New link:App Pro

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