ClipIt 🎥 - quick videos on navigating your apps, businesses, & careers

Hi everyone! Hope you all are staying healthy & safe with everything going on right now.

ClipIt is designed to provide insight into topics that are nested in hundreds of hours of content. If you’re someone working on your app or running your business, you don’t have time to go through all of these videos to get the advice or insight you need. Thus, ClipIt provides that knowledge for you and, especially during COVID-19, allows you to implement those learnings right away without pulling you away from running your app/business to sift through the mountains of content.


We’ve been working on curating over the last year and finished the preliminary app design yesterday (shoutout to @ThinhDinh for walking through an example of relations to assist). We’re looking for feedback on what’s helpful, what isn’t, and what features can be added to make it even better. Would love to hear your thoughts if you can spare a couple of minutes. You can also shoot me a DM or send a note to if you’re more comfortable sharing your feedback privately.

Thank you in advance and wishing you all the best in your apps & endeavors!


Neat and clean app. I’m actually overwhelmed about the amount of information. But I’m also impressed. It would be great with a tutorial on how to use the app. Seems to be many approaches. Please inspire me in how to use the app. Take a few people and describe how they have/should use the app.


Hi Krivo - you make a great point! Will get to work on a tutorial now and share here ASAP. Thanks!

I would advise making inline lists for categories in each tab, or have an alternative design so that people won’t have to scroll down to much, or maybe it’s just my preference.


Definitely in the works! Wanted to get this version out there first to get feedback and make sure people actually wanted more organization before making a decision without the data proving so. Sounds like it would help!

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