App to Showcase a Collection of Resources + Contact Details + Suggestion Form

Hi all :wave:

It’s great to be here. I discovered Glide last night and created my app this morning, I can’t believe how easy it was :exploding_head:

The app’s pretty simple - it’s basically a list of links to Notion templates (designs of super powered documents / spreadsheets that people can copy into their own workspace to use themselves) and I’ll be sharing YouTube videos in it too.

I was using a Notion page to list all of my content but browsing it in the app is a much nicer experience so I’ve added a link to the app to my bios.

There’s also a link to my Buy Me A Coffee page which opens in a decent looking browser view, for people who want to support my work :orange_heart:

Anyway, here it is -

Version 1 GIF

Edit - I’ve made some changes to the app now, spot the difference :smile:

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Nice one!
I’m just getting into Notion… loving it so far! It’s so complete

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