Clipboard / Workspace in the builder

Apologies if this has already been suggested but it would be super helpful to have a pop out clipboard (think Google Keep) in the builder where we can copy and paste stuff that we refer to regularly when building and maintaining our apps.

Use case: instead of having to leave the builder to find, copy and paste all of the baller CSS snippets that @Pablo_books, @ThinhDinh and @Robert_Petitto gave to us (here: CSS for hiding stuff! - #72 by matt), I could copy and paste the ones that I want onto my Clipboard so I can access them there. It would also be a good place to store any pre-fabricated components that we would want to use across the apps that we have.

Just a thought :pray:

One workaround would be to create a basic app where all of your CSS/ resources are stored in the User Profiles table. Always start a new app from this basic app that is pre-populated with your CSS. I recommend the user profiles table because it’s accessible from anywhere in your app.

Totally agree that the ability to take notes would be incredibly useful.

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I believe QREW did something like this to work with Appsheet. If I remember correctly it was a Google extension that allowed you to store snippets and even see the structure of your database.