In edit screen not possible to delete row from big table via single relation

Works pefect in detail or new screens, but not in edit screens it seems. Does anyone know the cause and/or work around for this?

Just curious, what is your use case for wanting to delete a row from within an edit screen?

I use it for registering hours, these records after a few months are over 25.000 rows, and I need to be able to keep all the data. So I use GBT. The logic and loading of GBT are too slow to register hours quickly, so I use a standard table for the logic of the UI and also write to GBT. When I need to edit my hours and stay in sync with GBT, I need to use an edit screen, so on submit I can update through Row-Id set columns. It would be nice if I could delete both rows on that edit screen.

But I fixed it by first showing a new screen and then the delete button, this works properly.

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