Deletion Loop does not work for related rows housed in Glide Big Tables

Hey, I came across this issue 1 day ago. I have a parent table containing the sales orders (Glide Big Tables) and a child table containing the sales order items (Glide Big Tables).

Unfortunately, I am unable to delete the related sales order items in the child glide big table.

The deletion option that used to appear to delete rows in a group, just does not appear in the action editor any more.

Individually deleting each related row will cause unnecessary duress to the user.

Has anybody else faced this issue?

@Darren_Murphy do you think this is a byproduct of GBT not loading all rows at once? Shouldn’t it load the related rows of a screen, if it’s referenced somewhere on that screen?

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I suspect it might be. I’ll see if I can get confirmation on that.

No, I don’t think so. If you’re using a multi-relation into a Big Table as the source of a collection, then I believe you’ll only get rows loaded as needed as you page through the collection (or filter it).


@ThinhDinh @Darren_Murphy Considering that we use glide big tables to build apps to scale, it should be designed such that edits and deletions to related rows must happen in loops and not left to be individually modified by the user.

For example, if i were to create a 100 logs per day in a big table and then i wanted to delete all that day’s information from the parent table, all the related logs should go by themselves.

Right now, I have designed it so that the user will have tap delete 100 times to get rid of those logs. Not a reliable and proficient method.

@DarrenHumphries, what do you think?

I can confirm that it’s currently not supported. Whether or not it will be in the future is not clear.

A simple workaround for now would be to use the API, that is - send a Webhook to Make with a joined list of RowID’s, then use Make to delete the rows via the API.


Which will cost us 1 update per row deleted… so if we delete 1000 rows thats 1000 updates, right?
If we have projects that involve deleting many rows, should we just stick to Google Sheets as a cheaper option?

Correct. But even if you could delete them through a relation, it would be the same.

Yes, probably.