Deleting multiple rows once - query

I’m about to delete multiple rows at once using an action in the editor.

  • is it okay if I delete a query result? I know it was made to delete a relation.
  • has anyone deleted 2000 rows at once using this, it says this might take time I was wondering how long
  • I’m only doing this to test this action and possible backup procedures… will be deleting over 20k rows, is it free as they say in the editor or could it eat up my updates by mistake?

I don’t believe Glide will allow you to do that (although it probably should).

I’ve deleted tens of thousands of rows in the Data Editor, but not through an action. I’d imagine it will be fairly quick, but you won’t know until you try it.

If it does incur updates, then I think that would be considered a bug.

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Correction. It looks like Glide will allow you to do that, but only with regular Glide tables. It doesn’t appear to be supported for Big Tables.

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Yes it allows me to do it. I set up the action, just didn’t click the button. I guess i’l try it on some sample data. Way more useful if we can do it on a query, in addition to easily setting up filter, I can also split the data to chunks of 500 or 1000 and make sure it goes well everytime.