Ask : Delete Multiple Row with Certain Condtition

Hi, i have 18k rows of data, but i want to clean some by delete multiple rows. with certain condition, how to do that?

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Create a multiple relation or query column that matches the rows you want to delete, and then use a Delete Row action through that relation.

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can you show me the example please ?
delete through component ?

Create a button, set the action to Delete Row, and point it to the relation or query.

did you mean it like this ?

Yes, that is correct.

Thanks Jeff, and also thanks @Darren_Murphy

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i accidentally publish

and my user accidentally clicked on it and deleted 15k row of data and cost me 15k of update, can this be restore ?

You can contact Glide support, but I highly doubt that they could restore anything.

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yeah, that doesnt do any help
so i’ll just import back the latest database i backup.

but did you know anything about the updates count and Pay-as-you-go billing update?

for know my updates count is 19k/10k , that i already overreach the limit usage around 9k counts, what if i set pay-as-you-go right now, does it billed me from usage after 19k (start billing 10$ / next 1000 updates)or, count from 10k (already charge extra 90$ and so on) ?

I’m honestly not sure. I would guess that your would be charged $90.

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