In-App Chat Notification

Hi Gliders,

Is there a way to notify users in-app? I have a chat feature built in my app, i want to know if, i can notify users that somone has sent them a chat request, no matter what tab my user is on.

Note: Im reffering to in-app pop-up style notifications.

I was able to use CSS to generate this pop-up button when a chat request is recived, but i have no way to make it go away, after user accepts the chat, or let the user know another chat request has come in.

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Hey @Amal

I have not tried this but I am thinking you could have a double action on that button.

One would be to bring your user to where they have the request and the other one could be an Increment action.

In the new button action panel l, have that button make an increment by 1 then link to screen.

Show the button when the column where you increment is equal 0.

I hope this helps.

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Thanks @ThinhDinh i did see this, but there are 2 issues with this.

  1. The pop-up only shows on that same Tab, where i want it to pop-up no matter where the user is on the app.

  2. The close button ( X) only works if user is at top of page, if the user has scolled below the (X) button is not visible.

If you need it on other tabs then I assume you have to make the same thing for every tab.

Only the navigation bar goes with the user, for that purpose I think you would need a floating button.

Hi @ThinhDinh, i used a combination of popup and floating button. to achive what i want. however, i am having a issue getting rid of the popup box.

The popup box is triggered when a user initiates a chat to that particular user, and this is done by a checkbox which gets auto filled on form submission n chats sheets. I want to use the ‘X’ button to close the popup, but when i use the increment feature it only shows me items from the same tab where the button is hosted, I need to increment the item in chats sheet.

So I imagine what you want is to increment a numeric column in the chats sheet so you can then hide the modal?

Can you describe in more details what are the conditions that the popup box will appear?

Yes i want to decrement a numeric column (called notify) in chats sheets to show and close the modal. Since i want the user to get a pop-up in all tabs, i need a way to increment and decrement from any tab to the same chat sheet. Increment is not a issue, i have no problem making the modal appear, its the disappear that is the issue.

Attached are the screen shots which shows the chat sheet. What makes the modal appear is the notify column, which is auto-filled when user submits a chat request form.

Do you filter the “My Matches” screen by any conditions?

How do you plan to show this modal in all tabs?

Triggered by notify column in Users sheet, see below:

Users sheet has a relation to chats sheets, which brings only Chat user 2 email.(this is the column to whom the chat request is sent to) . Then I use lookup to bring the User 2 emails,

Then use a if-then-else that checks the lookup if its the signed-in user, it puts a 0, if row is empty its blank, else it puts 1.

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