Improve This App! (Packing Checklist)
I was interested in making this packing checklist just for the challenge and experience, and I feel like it would be pretty useable. However, I’d like to see two improvements:

  1. It would be better to be able to tap on the progress bars from the home screen to go into those categories, rather than having to open the menu every time.

  2. I’d like to have a Clear All or Restart function.

Any ideas on either?

I like your idea. I don’t have anything great as far as ideas. You could add a button below each progress bar that opens the appropriate list. Clearing all of the checkmarks would probably require a script of some sort to clear everything whenever a master switch is flipped.

Thanks, Jeff! I like the idea of having an inline list instead of the progress bars on the main screen. This would allow me to move the individual progress bars into each section. Then I could have a main progress bar on the main screen that shows progress of the entire packing project. The last piece is an easy way to clear all checkboxes. Anyone?

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@onepixelman You might get inspired from this app

Perfect. Thanks!

Here’s my slight improvement to your app:

I changed the chart to have a transparent background and larger text for the chart legend.

Here’s a little bit of info I’ve found on setting up a script to clear checkboxes. You can set up a trigger to run in onChange. What I would do is have a value on a separate sheet where when you set it to true with a checkbox or switch, the script will see that and set false to the other checkboxes along with the checkbox that triggered the script.

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Thanks, Jeff!

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