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Hello everyone,
I am Charles from France. I am a beginner in Glide
I know that this subject had already been discussed but without a solution
I would like to know how can I add a button to “clear all” that was checked in my checklist ?
Below my project:
The button “clear all” will be on the page “Maisons de retraite”
Thank you for your help

Your link is inaccessible, but your question is clear enough. This is only possible with the Glide API which is only available on Team Plan or higher.

argh… thank you Himaladin for your answer

Have a look at this technique. With a little bit of trickery it can appear as if you cleared it.


Just want to mention that I have disabled copying of my old classic concept apps. I believe they were causing issues by copying into an old team folder structure that Glide is trying to move away from. At some point I would like to redo some of these apps as new app templates, but I don’t know when I’ll have free time to do that.

Maybe there is a video floating around somewhere with step by step instructions, but for the time being I’ve reactivated all videos that were posted in that thread.

About that concept Jeff I tweaked it and wondered your opinion.

Instead of using a single value parent-id into the table we need I use a single value parent-ID into the user profile table. Then I use the user profile parent-Id in the if then else statement.

I guess my question is do you see any benefit in doing it this way? I think it might be faster but I’m not sure. If the table had 10001 rows then I think we stand to save 10000 cells.

As long as you are requiring sign in, then I see now problem with doing it that way. The only problem would be if users are not signed in, and thus no user profile row.

I go back and forth with using the user profile for things like that. I think I have a tendency to instead use a single row table instead as a driver for the screen. That way it can work whether you are signed in or not and it keeps the user table cleaner. Just depends on the case and how I’m feeling that day.

If you use a single value from a helper table to the user profile table it works whether they are signed in or not

Its how I’ve been building apps now… just one single row table for every screen… if I need something available globally just single value it to user profile.

The only time I use a single value column not in user profile table is to copy an array to a helper table or extract from array. All other single values go to user profile.

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That’s voodoo magic. Doesn’t make logical sense to me, but I do recall mentions of some partial access to the user profile for non signed in users. Just makes me leary if I can’t see how it works.

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Agreed. It would be nice to know why/ how it works under the hood.

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You should not publish your team’s join link in the forum. If you need somebody’s help, please message them privately and send the link their if you trust them, since that person can change any apps in the team. Thank you.