Importrange in glide tables using excel formula

How can I perfom an importrange, unique formula from another glide table using excel formula so that I summerize the values for statistical analysis…

I think importrange() will work between sheets of the same spreadsheet in Google Sheets, but not between Google Sheets and Glide Tables.

To import data into a Glide Table from a Google Sheets, I think a CSV import would work well (one time).

In a Glide Table you can use the relation, lookup and query columns to look up data from another Glide Table.

Ok, thnak you so much.

I have a glide table in which data is added through form submissions. How ever to do some calculations and summaries of the data, I want to bring the key unique values into a column then make a relation , looking up the other information and do some summary calculation on it using roll up columns. The summaries will now be for specific months or something like that.

so the last option you suggested ideal. Any examplt of how to do this?

Let’s say you have a Glide Table of sales data and you would like to determine sums by month.

You would then create a separated Glide Table called Monthly Sales Report, create 12 rows for 12 months (January, February, … , December), create a relation or query column to point each month to the associated rows in the Sales table, and finally you would create a rollup column and configure it to sum.

This thread on the query column could come in handy.

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Ya…query works well. here’s another video that might help: