Importing columns -- User specific flavor

Hey all!

I’m building a table with 371 columns for a custom form and for the temporary form holding table, it needs to be user-specific.

In the past, I’ve just manually made each column for smaller quantities of columns to make them user-specific columns.

Is there any way to import column headers into a Glide Table and have it be user-specific columns? I do have a business license so if there is syntax I can work with the API to automate this, I could. Any other suggestions are welcomed as well! TIA.

Sorry, I’m afraid that isn’t possible.

Thanks for the reply Darren! You think this is a good suggestion for a feature change that I could submit? At least the ability to change already created columns to User Specific Columns would be a big help.

Either way, time to get crackin. I got a lot of mouse clicking to do.

No, there isn’t one, unfortunately.

Personally I think this is quite challenging, I wouldn’t bank on that being supported.

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