Create a new table with user specific column based on imported data

Is there any way to create a new table based on imported data where the columns are user specific. The data isn’t actually used but will be replaced as the table is a helper table

This will make creating a new table a lot easier.

How would you import the data?

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@ThinhDinh i would use the import function in the data editor. And there I would select an excel sheet xlxs

I think there is no way to have columns as user specific unless we add it one by one.

In fact, I also want to create Helper table by duplicating existing table but I think it is not possible in that way. Even when you duplicate existing helper table with all User specific fields, it will still be normal fields.

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It would be beneficial if it was possible to change a column to user specific - a warning would though be appropriate as the data in the column was be left unrelated to a user. But I have too many times been redoing columns in order to get them user specific

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This is incorrect now. When you duplicate a Glide table with USCs, USCs stay as USCs.

Then this won’t make your original statement possible. Why do you need them to be user-specific if you’re importing it from a xlsx file though?

That’s good. I only tried it once few months ago but it did not work. Thank you for this.

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If you have the attributes described and defined outside glide it would be beneficial to be able to import the attributes to avoid a lot of copy/paste. So it is only attributes/columns. Not rows with data

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