Import Is Not Capturing All Fields

Good day,

I have just over 2200 lines in an excel file. When I import the excel file with the import feature it will not capture all of the items.

All fields are filled in, some are text and some have numbers. Some of the descriptions are exactly the same but with different manufacturing numbers or different sku numbers.

So it captures all the columns correctly, but missing a certain number of rows?

May we know what plan are you on?

Correct, it captures all of the columns but it doesn’t capture all of the rows.

Lets say i have Nike as my manufacturer and i have 10 different shoe models, it may only capture 4 of the 10.

I’m jist using the free version. Is there a certain number that it will max out at?

Does your Excel file have any fancy formatting, merged rows, merged columns, etc?

What happens if you first export to CSV, and then import the CSV file to Glide?

The cells don’t contain anything but text or numbers, no formulas, and no merged cells. Sometimes it will capture different items, it’s almost as if it picks and chooses which rows to leave out, and when I import it the next time it may capture it.

I haven’t tried that, but I will tomorrow.

Is your Excel sheet nice and clean? The header row is the first row, no empty rows in your sheet, no empty rows at the end of your sheet, no empty columns.

The worksheet is clean. If there were any blank cells I entered NA. The data is from A to F.

Example of the the kind of categories I’m working with below.
Column A - Item Numbers
Column B - MFR Numbers
Column C - Manufacturer
Column D - Description
Column E - QTY to Date
Column F - Location

I did notice that there are some characters in some part descriptions, characters like ( ) ; : - / +/- , I’m not sure if that will affect the import of the data