Import csv is skipping rows

Importing a csv into a glide table was breaking. I decreased the number of rows being imported into batches of 10 and it worked fine. I increased again into 300 its breaking for some rows… which i fix manually because its visually clear to find it when it happens.
But now its skipping entire rows! This is very hard to catch

Note: I have no row ID column in the import.

Is your Team eligible for Glide Support?

I think this is something that Glide Support/Engineering would want to know about.

We are on a business plan… i’l try to raise a ticket. surprised no one else has got this. I’l have to check further in order to make the case clear for Glide.

I’m also not sure whether I can record a video, a lot of client details in these sheets

You can share your video with Glide Support, just don’t post it here.

The important thing is to give them enough information so that they can replicate the issue and see it happening.

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