Images in reality

Hi all,
I am an educator and teaching apps to students. The student collected data and images, making a virtual cookbook. when creating the app, the images show. But when it is shared, no images can be seen.
We have the images on Google drive. Could that be an issue? Some images have been copied from the internet as .jpg.
Any ideas?

Also the images work on my computer but not on the students!!
When published the images do not appear on the app.

thanks for your help.

Hi Sandy,

By default, Images stored in an educational Google Drive folder is set to “Only visible to members of (YOUR SCHOOL).”

Try changing the share setting of the folder and/or the images to “Anyone with the Link can view”.

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Thank you so much it worked!!
Now I have to try and transfer the data to a personal account. Do you think the data will stay?
That is he link
Love the app. It is fantastic. Just what the students wanted during the lockdown in Italy!!