Images from number-column


Is there a way to “convert” numbers (2-digits) in a colum (= from birth-date) to an image, so it can be used in a list to sort/group birthdates by date?

Maybe with an external tool like Robert_Petitto did with (see post 😍 the Cloudinary of Charts —on the fly charts!)


Maybe I don’t understand well what you’re trying to do here, why do you need to convert the number to an image while you say you want to “sort/group” it? Shouldn’t a number/string be enough to do that? You sort/group by the number/string, not the image.

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I already have a column with the dates (1 > 31) and I want those as image in the inline list
But Glide only accepts the first letter of the title if there’s no image.

So I was thinking if the date (1 > 31) could be converted online to an image-url…

Another question: is it possible to add a background (100% width) to the group-titels (monthname in my case) with CSS ?

Please try using dummyimage for this.

You can have a template column to get dynamic images like this.


Thanks ! I’ll try.

This is what I was going to recommend.

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What type of background do you want? Solid color or image?

a solid color. I already tried your suggestion in post but this only works with “color”, not with “background” (see both images)