Images disappears

My app’s URL:

When I swipe cards the images disappear. Here is demo

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Your pictures are stored on your Glide Tables ? Or are they come from a link ?

Can you temporarily change the column into a text column and see if there are links to the images? No idea what might be causing this, but also check for your actions ‘on swipe’.

I think you have your last swipe setting overwriting the image column with a date. You should be setting that last swipe value to a date column. Preferably a user specific date column so it’s a unique value for each user.

Glide Table, I uploaded them with this feature

Do you mean this last swipe? it is set to image, there is no date column

That’s the problem. Every time you swipe a card, it writes the date and time that you swiped the card. Because you have it set to the image column, it’s overwriting the image url with a date/time.

Swipe Cards need a date column to write the date and time that the swipe occurred. That’s how the swipe works. It sorts the cords by oldest date and will show the cards that either have an empty date or the oldest date first.


If I got it right, I should add a date column and set the “save last swipe” to it, right? I will try it now.

Yes, that is correct. Preferably a user specific column if you intend to have multiple users of your app. Otherwise everybody will be updating the same column value and it will give you weird results.


It worked, thank you :pray: