Images and files storage

Hi Glide team.
I am approaching my quotas in Images and files.
My app is for online coaching and it allows the users to upload their excresise technique videos for the coach to review.
I started cleaning every month, then 2 weeks and I am currently cleaning on a weekly basis but It seems like soon this wont be enough . I would love to allow my users to have some sort of archive.
I know there is no enforcements on the 10GB limit but I am starting to feel the videos being slower the closer I am to the 10 GB.
I would love to fined a solution .
purchasing more storage or compressing settings perhaps?

I think you could remove unnecessary lines from your spreadsheet into separate independent Archive spreadsheet on weekly basis with some google script or smth (i know it’s possible, but don’t know how exactly, sorry). Then turn the Archive table to JSON (again with google script, here’s the way) and then parse it somewhere in user profile if needed using unique parameters and custom search.

BTW what is “Table Mutation API”? Never seen this before

I am actually using all my rows, I don’t have unnecessary once because this is the state of my app storage with cleanup scripts.
And all of this sound like a lot of workarounds for something that should be in Glide - storage.

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So yeah, I agree. This is not NoCode anymore) But we have what we have… and we have to deal with that :tipping_hand_man:

As Darren said here, it shouldn’t matter if you have used 1MB or 9GB, when it comes to the loading experience of a specific video.

What I would do here is try to run the uploaded videos through a compression service and then store them somewhere. You can control the limit that way, and have compressed videos to show to the user.