Image URLs from Google Image search not displayed

I might have missed this… I am trying to:

  • find an image in Google image search manually
  • click on the image link from Google
  • paste the URL into a row
  • have the image displayed in the app (anywhere!)

For instance - is my image…

But even though the URL works in a browser (very quickly moving to the main site), it does not work in Glide.

Is this something to just accept, or am I doing something wrong?


Take a look at this @Mark_Turrell


Instead of using the “Google Images” link, I would suggest:

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Thanks - but this is a solution to a different problem. My images are not coming from my Google Drive, but from the normal standard Google image search. I get a ‘click to copy link’ - which works in a browser. But when I paste this into my app it does not work.

Thanks for the suggestion though, @gvalero - likely to come in useful another day!

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As @ThinhDinh pointed out, it looks like you are using the link to a web page. The link you shared is to a page. Not to the actual image.

Just to add a little… when copying an image URL from Google search, look for the “Copy image address” option (as opposed to “Copy Link Address”)


These are very brittle links. Even if you get them to work today, they’ll probably break within days or weeks. Please store the images in Glide.


You mean even the “copy image address” ?

Well, anytime you hotlink to, you have zero control over whether or not the link remains valid. It could stay there forever, or it could disappear in 5 minutes.

So always better to upload to Glide storage :slightly_smiling_face:

PS. If you click on that link, I will have proven my point :rofl:


Hmmm :thinking: same goes for unsplash I’m assuming.

Where is the link :joy:

Unsplash can be expected to be a bit more reliable, as it’s in the business of serving images. I’m more referring to random images that you find using Google search that are embedded in random websites (and probably copyright protected, in many cases). Anytime I want to use one of those (not the copyright protected ones, obviously :wink: ), I’ll download the image and upload it to Glide. Then I know it’s not going to disappear one day. And if it does, then we have a whole different problem to deal with :joy:


:joy: you know what it’s happened to me on a few occasions. Weird thing is sometimes they even cause sheet data to disappear or change form and even colour. Once I thought some1 had access to my account. Hmmm now it’s all making sense.

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@Darren_Murphy 's suggestion worked. I think this 'copy image address" used to be disabled when I looked ages back so I had not tried it again. Now I can get the image link within Google image search with a right click, and then it pastes in the link to the underlying image. This should also be safer than using a Google link…

and it reminds me that I need to maybe add error checking into my sheet a bit more (checking if links work with Google sheet formulas, etc).


Screenshot 2021-02-25 at 10.13.30