Image path issues

When you look at a Google doc, inside the image table, glide puts a full URL path of the image location as a URL.

I’v got a bio form which submits data into the google sheet, all the fields pull the content, but the image path URL does not get picked up as an image in layout mode.

what am I missing here ? as I need to pull in the image URL and then this should show the image in layout mode. if you add an image from layouts this puts the URL in and works fine but when you put an image URL in via data entry its not picking it up as an image

please advise thanks

Can you show a screenshot of the image column in the Glide data editor? I want to see the header.

Actually maybe some screenshots of what you are doing on the layout side would help too. I reread your post, and I’m not sure I follow what the problem is.

I think I maybe understand the issue, but I want to make sure before I go into the full explanation.


Is this an in-app form or an external form?


Ah, I think it’s working now… so I have an external webform which is a bio builder, which passes information into our CRM. The CRM then updates the data fields in google doc with the paths which was processing the paths wrong so instead of the forward slash( / ) it was putting in a backward slash ( \ ) so glide could not read the path properly. I manually adjusted it and can see the image in glids… so the probe I have is with the external form for some reason putting in the paths wrong. BUT STILL THANK YOU for your support :grinning: