Image Management Plugins/Columns like in CSS & Figma

Hi, Team & Community :cherry_blossom:
I’d love it if you could include more image management options in plugins/column types, as in CSS & Figma:
Transparency. Luminosity. Blur. Vignette. Crop. Round corners. Borders. Blend with background, colorize, negative, sepia, greyscale, etc.
To treat images as well as Youtube thumbnails especially, as they are often “not design & don’t agree with the app theme”.
So if you can allow us to smooth and blend such resources in the app, it would really be more stylish, less “Youtube Channel Patchwork”.
Thks :slightly_smiling_face::croissant::coffee::wine_glass::compass:
Choosing the location of the thumbnail would be nice too! Or make it fit
Not cool to mask the eyes of the speaker!

BTW The Color + Adjust Color Column Types are so cool, as you can see the use here with the opacity and transparency of the cards when no images/thumbnails are available.