my code column collection

I’ve created to share my growing set of code columns. You can find links to their source code on GitHub if you want to collaborate!

Please try my latest:


These are deployed pretty robustly using Vercel’s global edge network. Anyone is welcome to send a PR with new code columns to this repo (I can’t guarantee I’ll accept them).

I won’t send it… I’m kinda lonely wolf lol… but `nice job

Hi David, promising collection!
I can share my from Rating to String Column

And from Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software

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“Unboxing” @david’s Doodle column:


I was able to get mine to display as an image… one cool use is the “avatar” option where someone could have a randomly generated avatar image… but I guess it would update itself all the time which wouldn’t be great…

Still don’t know what “Random Seed” means

@Robert_Petitto … you are the best video tutorial, maker! :wink:


Doodle does return an Image URL, but for some reason it does not work with the Image component (I think because it has no extension). I’ll see if I can add one.

Try it as the image in a list for now.


I must be doing something funny then… I’ve added an Image Component to a details screen and the doodle pops up right away

Just worked for me too! Maybe David changed something?

Who knows! It was working for me since shortly after this post was created, so I’m not really sure to be honest.

I’ve added a .png extension just in case.


If you use Random Seed > Email, let’s say, then it won’t randomly change as you change screens.

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Ahh it seems to not work when I choose “random” as the category. Others work right away.

wow just in case??? it is the best extension for App developers LOL

That broke it… Reverting…

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