Slideshow images

Do you guys feel we’ll get a built-in slideshow image component show?

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This would be a great feature.

I found a CSS code that unfortunately works only on the Editor.

Maybe @ThinhDinh, @Robert_Petitto or @Lucas_Pires could help with a good trick while we wait.

I’ll post the CSS here in a little bit.

Edit: Slideshow CSS

@import  '//'

But as I said for me only works in the GDE.

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You probably don’t know how to hide that download dots from the audio file?

I do not.

You can use an array column no make an image carousel… Is this what you want?

Hi Pablo

Ideally, I wanted a slideshow screen as we would have on websites where like 3 images are placed and they just rotate each time

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Maybe you could try a long GIF for a hacky workaround?


guys check this out @Eric_Penn, @SantiagoPerez


Nice work! You keep knocking them out of the park today :baseball:

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That’s awesome!! I haven’t been able to do that.

Care to share how you accomplished it?

you can copy the app :+1:

Thanks man!!!

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In your code you forgot to put “< pre >” at the beginning

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Yeah! No a code person. 🤦🏿

That looks great! Usually I do a gif on ezgif then use it in an image component.

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Just curious, where do you guys pull all those options from?


I saw here in the community

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Truly love this. I hope you don’t mind the question could you kindly explain how you achieved this, just so I can have a technical understanding if you dont mind

Hey @Valentine_Madzhie,

@wjcv06 use the same code I posted here earlier but added the tag “< pre >“ to it. He also mentioned that the app is copiable.

Thank you just needed to know, for future reference appreciate the answer.

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