Slideshow using Image Carousel of

Good day,

This CSS👇

Used to work in producing beautiful slide show when put in a rich text component.

It seems like it does not work anymore. Any idea what I can use as an alternative to have a slide show of images that changes automatically.


Interesting, I would appreciate details how to set this up should you get automatic slideshow working again. I’m using the image array or look-up/split to get manual slideshows.

I don’t know who runs that website, but I have a feeling it’s ran by some random user and not Glide. Maybe whoever runs it isn’t maintaining the website, so some recent updates stopped it from working. I think all it did was import the CSS that was needed for the slideshow to work. I thought I saw the actual underlying CSS somewhere in the forum, but I haven’t been able to find it yet.


Thanks for your response Jeff. Much appreciated.

I hope soon we will be able to have such a feature natively. It can help generate ad revenue for Apps.

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Hey Jeff.

I think this is the original thread where this code was shared. I have sent a message to the “owner” of the App. Fingers crossed he responds.