Slideshow auto change images in Glide

Does anyone have the same problem as me when showing an images slideshow that changes automatically in glide? Previously worked when using code like below…

@import '//'

I believe those glidetools links have died for a long time. Since this is not a Glide-related bug I will reclassify this topic to “Help & How To”.

So… We cannot use those tools again for an indefinite period of time? Is there any other alternative that can be done?

I believe those tools were created by some unknown glide user. Not by glide themselves. It was never clear to me who created them and I think the people who administered them probably had a private group somewhere else to discuss and work on them.

All that code did was import CSS. If you can figure out the same CSS required to create a slideshow, then you do the same thing.


Thanks for your explanation sir…


Found the guy. But this hasn’t been updated in 17 months.

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