Image Column not working

Hi i’m having problems since some weeks (maybe it has been reported). The image column is not showing the images. (And they are fulfilled)


Did you click into the cell to see if anything is there? For me, vertical images are not visible in the cell from this view.

Yes and show me that image is not available but sometimes in the app is visible.

Hmm might have to do with the source of the image.

Where are you currently storing your images?

Google Drive:

And are they publicly shared images?

Yes! Always I did as a public with email and make them for everyone with the link.

It’s in spanish but it’s visual that it’s public for everyone with the link:

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Weird. Do those images show normally in the app and just doesn’t work with the Data Editor?

Sometimes are showed normally but sometimes fail. It can be the size or something? (I’m just asking to find a solution)

@adriasoce as probably you have heard before. Don’t store your images in google drive as they might get blocked by google. You could use cloudinary on a free account.

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I create a cloudinary account and then I can storage there with a link similar to what i’m doing with Google Drive?

@adriasoce exactly. And then you can also manipulate the images - fx smaller to make them load quicker

Sure! I saw some tutorials of @Robert_Petitto that use cloudinary a lot to make magic with the images. I will try.

Can I also put them in folders or some kind of organization?

Every time that I call to cloudinary API (for example to make a photo in B&W) is counting me one of this? image

You can put them in folders. Yes

Have a look on transformations.

It does. But check out if that is a problem for you. Cloudinary provides quite a generous free plan.

25 Monthly Credits

  • 25k transformations or
  • 25 GB of managed storage or
  • 25 GB of net viewing bandwidth

Well that only 25 credits in the free plan. I mean if every time that a user for example change it’s rang and i have to transform an image to B&W (it’s an example) this counts as only 1? or 1 per user?

Ahhhhhh 25k!! Okey and it’s dinamically not? I mean if I use 2GB of storage i can make 23k transformations right?

@adriasoce something like that. Remember also the bandwidth
Take a look and try to figure out if it serves your needs