Cloudinary Compress Photo


I’m using Cloudinary to compress photo and using set column action to get the link and it will reflect in apps/google sheet.

However, after photo uploaded, the set column function works for certain cell and some not. Its very random. Let say, we have 10 column ( 10 photos), first row 5th 6th and 7th not working but for second row 1st and 2nd not working.

What happen?

Its looks like this :

How are you generating these links in the first place? How did you upload the images to Cloudinary?

Also, you’re exposing your Cloudinary username to the forum there.

I fixed that for him.

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I am using image picker to upload .
And will get the link something like this

And use template column to take the image number for example in this case,


And use the template column to add to the cloudinary link

So in another flow you have uploaded the same image to Cloudinary?

And why do you have to see those values in the Sheet?

Thanks Darren. Btw, i’m a girl :slight_smile:

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Yes, to compress and i need to reflect on my google sheet.
To convert to PDF , if i’m using the high resolution one, the image is not turn up

So the issue in this thread is that you just can’t reliably set the links to the Sheet and has nothing to do with how you’re uploading the files to Cloudinary?

The issue is i’m using set column to get the link

But why some captured , some not.

It is relate to how big the image size is ?

oh, haha I’m so sorry :flushed:
For some reason I always just assumed you were lelaki. Silly me, shouldn’t make assumptions like that.

yes, I noticed, you were saying that few times hahaha

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