Image compression method


When a user uploads images, the storage fills up quickly.
Is there any way to include a process to compress the uploaded images?


Glide compresses and resizes images for you.

If you want to have further control, you could look into Cloudinary.

Search the forum for Cloudinary as well.


If you want to take the Cloudinary route, the below post from @Krivo may be helpful.


An alternative is this one.

You can use a Make scenario to:

  • Push any newly uploaded images’ URL to Make using a webhook.

  • Optimize them with Resmush.

  • Get the URL and update it back to the right row in your database. If it’s Google Sheets you can do a search step and then an update step, if it’s Glide Tables and you’re on a paid plan, you can use the Glide API, providing you send the rowID over in the webhook payload (1st step).


@ThinhDinh in the google approach - would you replace the existing image with the actual optimized image or would you just replace the url? I suppose that the service you mentioned will not keep the image for ever so you have to place the optimized image somewhere where you are in control of the image


Ah, that’s a valid point. In my scenario, I used to have an additional step to upload them to Imgur, then that link is brought back to Glide.

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