Image carousel - limitation in number is images

@mark is there a limitation in how many images that can be put in an image carousel?
I have 540 images in a carousel. In the builder the image caravan appear though slowly. In app on iPhone 11pro iOS 13.5.1 the app reloads itself and I have also seen total crash of app on load (if the image carousel is on the first tab)
The app is Pro

Images are around 150kb each
So the total size of the image carousel is probably around 80MB

I thought of putting a few thousands of images into a carousel but that doesn’t seem as a good idea

I would also like to know, I have a project that I’ll be putting a lot of images on the carousel and I don’t know the limit

Just curious on your use case for thousands of pictures in a carousel. That’s a lot of data for the app to cache at once. Would somebody be required to swipe thousands of times to see that last images? Would a structure similar to the memories tab here be better?

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@jeff. That is a bit crazy I know. But would like to use a swipe functionality. And I can see that it isn’t doing that well.

It is like a photo album but image carousel doesn’t seem to be the right way🤪

I guess if you wanted to keep the carousel, I would try to break it up into groups of 10, 20 or so images. I just feel like if you had 1000 images, and you didn’t swipe through them all, then it would be too easy to step away for a minute and risk losing you place in the carousel. Then the user would have to swipe through hundreds of images they may have already seen.


@Jeff_Hager thx for input. Could be an idea to show multiple image carousels. Possibly with a selection to tell which range you want to look at (have visibility on that one) and then only show this carousel.

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Personally, I would never scroll through 1000 photos of anything unless i was being paid to do so… And as Jeff suggested, if you lose your place, there is no way i would start over again to get to where i was. Theme based multiple carousels is how I would go…just my 2 cents…
cool idea though! :grinning:


In my use case it won’t be that many images, on average 20 to 30 will depend, it will be advertisements from merchants, I will be using HTML code for the images to pass on the carousel, as Glide doesn’t have this feature yet.

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