If there is many boss, how to know who approved respective submission?


I’m working on app where are two boss and many users, but when a submission is approved how the user can know who has approved.


Are you using Form for approval?
Just give us desc how the approval happens and if possible your excel format. How you are recording the approval in sheet?

My app is using public with email option. When any signed in user make any request for leave, I approve him as admin by making some component editable when admin sign in. Edit option is totally off for user. But in my app there two admin. So can user know who has approved. Moreover I not using form just making it with google sheet.

then how do the users request for a leave

Special Values are your Friend here. Check this guide by glide. So you will be able to capture user’s email using the special values.


Thank u my friend. I am very grateful to you. Your timely support saved my time.

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You are most welcomed :slightly_smiling_face: :metal:.
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